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Governor Cuomo's Advisory Board To Re-Open New York Will Include James Dolan, Jeff Wilpon, And Randy Levine

Did Governor Cuomo choose this Big 3 of misfits by going on Barstool and searching "New York" to see which people have been written about the most over the last few years? What the fuck man? Was Isiah Thomas unavailable or something? I wouldn't trust those three misfits to open a door for me let alone reopen an entire state that is the epicenter of a worldwide pandemic. Forget about cuncel da saeson. We are teetering on cuncel da staet if not da cuntry.  Joe Tsai is the only owner of a New York City team that I actually trust has a functional brain in his head let alone ties to China that has reopened different places yet he's just sitting on the sidelines for all this.

I get that people who run sports teams offer some experience with large groups and logistics. But I think we can leave off the two that run orange and blue franchises that have squandered every potential advantage of playing in New York by being terrible at their job, terrible people, or both. Jeff Wilpon likely just cost his family a cool BILLION dollars because he reportedly didn't want the shiniest toy his dad ever bought him sold to Steve Cohen. Randy Levine is the person Bronx Bombers fans are usually yelling about whenever they complain about their champagne problems. And James Dolan may be the worst person in a city filled with awful people. What do you think coronavirus will think when he sees this mamaluke is in charge of safely reopening the state he has laid ravage to?

We are so fucked.