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A Man Has Been Giving Himself a New Tattoo Every Day During Quarantine

NY Post - This self-illustrated man is facing a unique problem: He’s running out of room on the canvas of his body.

London resident and tattoo artist Chris Woodhead has regularly been getting inked since he turned 18, but the dad-to-be took his skin-deep love to the next level when he was forced into lockdown due to the coronavirus.

“I started tattooing myself every day to create some kind of structure to our now seemingly aimless days,” the 33-year-old fan of US punk rock tats tells The Post. “It feels special that my body is evolving so much through the process. I will continue until I run out of space completely.”

That’s not a totally unfathomable moment — Woodhead already had some 1,000 tattoos at the beginning of quarantine and now, more than 40 days in, his remaining amount of reachable virgin skin is limited.

I actually love this idea. Obviously it's not for everyone, not everyone can pull this off, but for tattoo guys, absolutely. You see, we're in a time where nothing matters. Nothing that happens during this quarantine actually exists. It's a time you can eat anything you want, shoot you shot at anybody you see, or cover your body completely in tattoos. A lot of people are going through life changes during quarantine- getting in very good shape or very bad shape, becoming an alcoholic or cutting out alcohol completely, working on themselves or becoming completely self-destructive. There doesn't seem to be much of a middle ground though. Not a ton of moderation when it comes to picking up new hobbies, quirks, or vices. It's all one way or the other.

So that's why it makes sense that this tattoo guy has gone all-in on tattoos. He's like fuck it, let's just cover my entire body. Don't leave an inch. Doesn't matter what the tattoos are, or if they're good, as long as there's 1 a day. That's commitment right there. 

Some are pretty cool..

Some are signs of the times...

And some are....whatever they are....

He says he only has about a month of tattoo space left on his body, so the countdown is on.

“Realistically, I’ve probably got a month’s worth of tattoo space left,” he tells the BBC, acknowledging that the sheer quantity of tattoos looks extreme.

“If I’m truly honest, I look ridiculous — I look like a piece of blue cheese,” he says. “There is very little space left that I can actually reach.”

And it's nice he can have a laugh about how ridiculous the whole thing is. Pandemic life, man. None of this makes sense.