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I Suffer From 2nd Hand Embarrassment When Smitty Attempts To Pilot A Helicopter In Warzone

HA! It's so sad trying to watch the General mimic my WARZONE strengths with one being the pilot of the Hospital's copter. You get in there instantly, fly up to the tallest tower, and go to just so happens that Smitty has no idea how to do that! I mean what the fuck did he just do in that clip? Did he put a bouncing betty under his copter that instantly exploded therefore exploding the helicopter?!? HAHAHAHA.

And of course I'm not gonna sit here and act all perfect. That's not in my blood. It's not who I am. I can admit when I fuck up and sure did yesterday as well. Some smarter gaming people got in contact with me & later told me that's apparently because my opponent there used something called a contextual tap so he simply has to tap X as opposed to holding it? That was the case and I'm now on the contextual tap train as well. That's never happening again.

We're on for the rest of the day and like I more missing out on the copters. There is no substitute for winning. NO SUBSTITUTE.