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Can You Guess Which Of These Random Celebrities Follow These Random Barstool Employees?

Some people walk around in the Barstool office with a net worth of $100 million, some walk around in a jacket made out of animals, and some people walk around knowing they are the only person in the office that can comment on Drake's Instagram whenever they want. Ever since discovering Rone's major flex, I've been losing sleep. It also made me wonder if there were any other employees here that have a popular or random celebrity that follows them. I've done some investigation via iMessage and have found 9 employees with an interesting follower. Rather than straight up telling you who follows who, let's make this fun. Take 30 seconds and guess who follows who! (2 of these celebrities follow one Barstool employee)

Let's see how many you got correct!

Let's start with the one I gave away, and that would be Rone and Drake.

I really wish I knew the background on how these 2 legends met. I texted Rone and asked him if he would like to explain how Drake followed him on Instagram, but I was left on delivered. All I know is Rone got to interview Champagnepapi for I don't think I would be able to speak if I was 1 shoulder to shoulder next to Drake. Just straight stutter and drool, which is how I usually talk on radio. I hope one day Rone writes a blog about how this moment came about because not only does my roommate who blasts porn in his room keep me awake at night, but so does this.

Glenny Balls Followed By Barack Obama

That's right folks. The former Illinois resident follows the host of Boozin' Burgers and rising COD star, Glenny Balls. Obama was the 2nd most surprising follower in my book. Out of the 607K that Obama follows, it only makes sense Glenny Balls is the one that represents the Stool. Is Obama a big burger fan? Was his PR team a Glenny fan? Better question, who isn't a Glenny Balls fan? I had to get to the bottom of this case. Unfortunately, it turns out he was just a part of random selection.

Kate Followed By Dave Portnoy

I was very surprised to hear that Kate didn't have an interesting follower! I thought for sure someone like Guy Fieri or Tina Fey would be big Kate fans. It's all good because Kate has one of the most famous internet icons of the 21st century following her. The unboxing king, and her boss, Dave. Maybe one day my boss will follow me back too :(

Young Mantis: Ugly God And Terrence Ross

This is an interesting story. Growing up, my parents never forced me to go to church or choose a religion. They were pretty laid back and supported me whether I tried out going to church with my friends on Saturday nights, or stayed home and played NFL Street 2 or Star Wars Battlefront. About 80% of the time, I was in the basement playing Xbox until 11pm. It wasn't until my freshman year of college when I discovered my lord and savior, Ugly God. Once my roommate and I heard his songs, "Bitch", "Water", and "Beat My Meat", I knew I was saved. Fast forward to the summer of my sophomore year at IUPUI and my roommate and I are standing in line to meet Ugly God after his show. We had an unbelievable 5 minute conversation, and got a photo together.

A year later, Ugly God had another concert in Indy. I tweeted this photo to see if he would remember me and he instantly followed me, and DMd me saying "bro". Not too long after, Ugly God would unfollow everyone. Many rappers do this. I don't know why exactly, but rappers tend to follow 0 people, or just 1 person. I'll never understand why, but it's something to keep their aesthetic authentic or something. Pretty dumb if you ask me, whatever. Although Ugly God does not follow me on Twitter, we're still buddies. 

Oh, and Terrence also followed me on Instagram after I created the Life Of An NCAA Student Athlete Video last year. He comments on my page, but hasn't accepted my DM invitations of playing BENT or COD. He's got a family and all that, so I get it.

Marty Mush Followed By Arnold Schwarzenegger's Son, Patrick

I've never heard Patrick Shriver speak before, but his dad kinda sounds like Mush, so maybe there's a family tie. I wish Marty's last name was Schwarzenegger. The poor guy would take more time spelling out his last name on a math exam than solving an algebraic equation!

Jeff D Lowe, And The D Stands For DeGeneres Follows Me

Whoa! The "Ellen"? The once beloved television phenomenon that is now hated by everyone on Twitter for about a month now? Now that's a big time follower! With a following of over 27,000 and having over 80 million followers, Jeff D Lowe is considered part of history. Just like Glenny, it appears Jeff was also a part of random selection. 

Gay Pat Followed By Lindsay Lohan

Holy hell. If you're like me and in between the 20-23 age, then Gay Pat can say he is followed by your childhood crush. Lindsay and Hilary Duff were Disney Channel! Congrats to Pat on winning the random selection lottery. Freaky Friday was a classic. Speaking of Freaky Friday, that leaves us with our last match.

Donnie Does And General Smitty Followed By Lil Dicky 

Had to save the best for last. One of the most talented humans in the world with the best television show on Hulu follows The Wonton Don. I would've thought if anyone, Lil Dicky would follow Rone! Both white rappers, both from Philadelphia, the math adds up! Turns out, Smitty and Donnie are actually pretty cool with David Burd. 

I would love to see Lil Dicky vs Smitty play each other on the court. Hardo vs CantGuardo. If you don't know already, Lil Dicky is BENT! 

Donnie's story about his connection with Lil Dicky is awesome.

If you watched his show, "Dave", you'll definitely find this story cooler than it is. There were a couple of episodes where he showed how committed he was to making music and seeing how he declined going out with his friends made this awesome. Lil Dicky seems like a great guy to talk to, and I'm pretty jealous of Donnie and Smitty. Thanks for playing Who Follows Who!