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Family Holds Tribal Council To Decide Who Does The Dishes

This is one way to make quarantine and household chores more bearable. Love the creativity here. Looks like Will lost in a pretty hectic vote. Really some unclear alliances here. Will, Nikki, the mom, and the dad all received votes. Maybe they were worried about an idol being played? But even then the vote split wouldn't make much sense. The four girls seemed to be together but one threw a vote on the dad for almost no reason. Huge shoutout to the dad for his loyalty to Will though. Tear-jerking moment. Probably should have got on the same page for the vote though.

Just a few critical notes here. While this is the Survivor theme song, it's actually not what gets played while the votes are being cast. Minor production error. We also didn't get to see the votes being read or tribal council itself. And lastly, I did not care for the one daughter doing her lip face thing into the camera. This is Survivor, not a selfie. Respect the game. 

I highly recommend playing quick games of Survivor if you have enough people. You should have a minimum of five. Don't even need to do challenges or have it be for anything. Just vote each other out and see who wins. I used to do it with my friends all the time. And I always won. 

Only 31 hours until Survivor tomorrow night.