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Wake Up With The Best Of Skip To My Lou

That's right we're going straight nostalgia this morning. What better way to do that than with highlights of the legend that is Skip To My Lou? One of the best times in basketball history was the late 90s/2000s of And1 basketball. If you like the game of basketball it was impossible to not love the And1 Mixtape tour and Skip To My Lou was one of the greatest to ever do it. So great the dude even made the NBA and played 11 years in the league. You may know him as Rafer Alston but he'll always be Skip To My Lou to me. That's how I first learned about him and watched him. 

What a great video this is, from the old school highlights to the music selection like Ante Up by M.O.P, man does it bring me back. That was our intro song for my basketball team in high school and I'm sure we looked just as cool as we formed layup lines. Might just have to spend my day going down an And1 Mixtape tour rabbit hole after watching this, what an awesome era.