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Vintage MJ - Barkley Said MJ Played 36 Holes Of Golf And That Night Demanded To Guard Puerto Rico's PG Because He Read Him Talking Shit

(Starts around 2:00 mark)

These are the type of stories I could listen to forever. Guys like Barkley - a Hall of Famer, a MVP and Dream Team teammate - talking about shit with MJ. This time? It's the Dream Team during the Tournament of Americas. Chuck, MJ and Daly went and played 18 holes that morning. MJ told them to go ahead and he's playing another 18 - despite Daly trying to tell him no, which LOL. Now none of this is surprising. Jordan fucking loves golf. 

Jordan also loves proving a point. So as Daly is trying to give out defensive assignments, Jordan cuts him off and tells him he's guarding the PG. Hours after playing 36 holes of golf and likely gambling thousands of dollars. Why? Because he read something that the Puerto Rico PG was talking shit. 

That's just vintage MJ. I need to know more about the Puerto Rico PG though. Who would talk this much shit besides like JJ Barea or Carlos Arroyo? What could you possibly say about MJ in 1992?!? He already won a title. He already won MVP. He took the torch as the best player in the league. There's simply nothing you can really say talking shit, but this guy apparently tried. 

Bonus Full Game: