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Wake Up With Some Of The Best Bat Flips From The KBO

You may have read yesterday about ESPN nearing a deal to be able to broadcast the KBO. I love it, I'm all about it. It's live sports, it's baseball. I can get down with some KBO. But the best part of the whole thing will be the bat flips. These guys aren't shy about flipping the lumber to the sky after a big dong. I want these guys to let it fly even more now with a whole other country watching. You're on ESPN, baby. Show us how high and far you can throw that bad boy. And the best part is no one gets upset, no pitchers throwing at guys, no old media members pissing themselves in the press box because a guy celebrated. No Brian McCann's getting FURIOUS anytime someone looks at a bomb. I'll probably say this a million times if this actually happens, but inject these bat flips into my body.