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Zion Says His Name Went From 'No. 12 At Spartanburg Day School To ZION' When Drake Posted An IG Wearing His Jersey

I'm fascinated by Zion, man. Not just because he's a freak on the court but he's actually rather boring off the court. He doesn't create controversy. He doesn't really have memorable quotes. He's a quiet kid that just wants to dunk on people. His personality doesn't really match his game and that makes him even more unique, in a weird way. 

That said, this picture is the moment of his high school life where he really became Zion

His Michael moment, which is even more ironic with his personality, to come off the court. Jordan always says he went from Mike to Michael when he hit the game-winning shot against Georgetown in the 1982 title game. I actually find it hilarious listening to Zion try to talk about himself. That's not who he is. He'd rather just talk about basketball. But it's true. He became ZION when Drake posted that picture. Say what you want about Drake, but the dude is one of the most famous people in the world and he's rocking your high school jersey.

It also helps when Zion can do things like this - which makes me think he was never known as No. 12.

Mostly I'm just glad he's not at Duke anymore. He's too fun of a player to hate watch. And, yes, he's going to be just fine in the NBA (when he's able to play more than 19 games). The dude is so unique with his size, jumping ability, second jump and protect the rim. Real question is over/under the date Drake shows up in Toronto wearing this jersey again when they are playing the Pelicans? 

PS: Listening to him explain the first time he dunked on someone should make you jealous for not dunking on someone: