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Wait A Minute, Jerry's Blog About Alice Eve Has The Most Outrageous Way To Explain What Most People Know Her As

Jerry blogged this story about Alice Eve yesterday. Any blog about Alice Eve is going to get a click from me so I did just that. Supporting co-workers. That said, it starts with this description from the Daily Mail

She is known to many as Charlotte's braless nanny in the second Sex And The City move.  

That's what you go with for what she's known to many as? That's like saying Brett Favre is most known as a Falcon or Steve Young is most known for being a Buc. Shit, there are two that stick out right away that you should list Alice Eve 'known to many' as. The first is Molly from She's Out of my League. 

One of my all-time favorite movies that is consistently underrated. Slapshot Regatta will go down as an all-time scene and it's a good, quick movie. If you close your eyes when someone says Alice Eve this is what you should picture. Not Sex and the City 2. It's She's Out of my League. If it's not that, the only other option? 

Vinnie Chase's wife in Entourage

I mean this is how one of the most iconic shows of our era ends and leads into a movie! Every guy has watched way too much Entourage at some point in our lives. Hell, I still remember watching it live in college. Every Sunday night was the one time every guy in the house was actually home and in the living room to watch the TV. 

Now I don't mean to piggy back off of Jerry's blog, but this couldn't go unnoticed. I refuse to sit back and just let Alice Eve be called the braless nanny from Sex and the City 2 as hundreds of thousands of people click on that blog. It's time to do what's right and say she's known for one of these two.