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Scott Burrell's Wife Responds To Michael Jordan Calling Her Husband "Dennis Rodman Junior" - Turns Out She Likes To Party

Arguably the most talked about part of The Last Dance 3-4 was Scott Burrell being outed by MJ as Dennis Rodman Jr. with respect to his appetite for fast night life and loose women. Burrell had likely dreaded this moment for some 22+ years and it arrived last night, approximately 9:53pm Central Standard (the GOAT of time zones): 

Scott Burrell averaged a little over 5 points per game in about 14 minutes of action during his whopping one season in Chicago. For all intents and purposes he could be the most forgettable active reserve in MJ's championship tenure. Jack Haley gets more mental playing time (RIPIP) from the diehards. But alas it's Scott Burrell getting twitter all hot and heavy last night at the peak of celebrating MJ's greatness. Some responses were passionate and that's putting it mildly

Place was lit with emotion, unquestionably assuming that Scott Burrell's wife would be furious with this news. That 22 years later it actually did come back to haunt his monogamous relationship spanning long enough to finance a presumably expensive wedding while fathering a couple kids. That's what everybody had in mind until we recently learned that Mrs. Jean Coakley (Burrell) likes to party and doesn't mind Scott's alleged thirst for strange pussy hewyhowyadoin: 

As a married man I honestly can't overstate the value of a supportive relationship. In my terms that means yeah sure stay up late and blog and be weird and smoke a rally cig if the Cubs need it etc. In Scott Burrell's case it means overlooking his 1997-98 social rampage with Michael Jordan's Bulls, possibly even being into it if you read those tweets hard enough. How else would you categorize a W? Where I'm from that means let's party and from the sounds of it Scott Burrell wants to party. Does that translate to something weird? Do I want to step into the world of Phil Mickelson and Jim Edmonds and the like and start speculating? Absolutely. But out of respect for the sanctity of marriage and Scott Burrell's '98 championship, I'll just have to leave it to your imagination. 

Elsewhere I think we can all agree that her response is approximately 99.9999% more favorable than your standard respondent in this scenario and for that reason I'm in. That's actually enough to take to the alter if we're being honest but that's a different blog for a different day. For now just take some comfort that you too could one day find a woman willing to overlook your troubled past. It's certainly not impossible. 

PS - of course I brought pics