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Boosie Gave Joe Burrow A Massive Diamond '9' Chain For Draft Night Because He Felt The Need To Bless Him For Winning A Title At LSU

[Source] - “It was just a special season,” Boosie told ESPN of LSU’s 2019 championship season. “I just felt like I had to bless him with something, so I blessed him with a chain.”

They settled on a 14-carat rope chain with the 1-inch pendant at the bottom that was also 14-carat white gold. The “9” was covered with approximately 6.5 carats of VS1 diamonds, Nick said

I guess because this wasn't some tragedy that happened ESPN decided not to talk about this on Draft night. It's instantly my favorite draft night story now. Why? Because it shows how outrageous SEC football is. It just means more, you might say. Boosie grew up in Baton Rouge. He's a die hard LSU fan. He was fucking sick and tired of Alabama fans: 

“I’ve been getting down by Alabama so much, and they [the fans] have been shredding me so much on social media,” Boosie said. “So this was my stand-up year to punch everybody in the face.”

As someone who is married I have to say there's nothing worse than shopping for diamonds. The 4 c's are the worst thing about 10 minutes in. I hate that I know exactly what VS1 diamonds mean. That said, this is a fucking awesome gift. I need Burrow to wear this all the time. Show up to MLT's wearing it. Show up to Madtree wearing it. Rock it to Tin Roof. 

Also laugh out loud funny to think Burrow and this guy are now close friends

Just a kid from Athens, Ohio.