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Recapping Barstool's First Ever Carmen Electra Day

What a smashing success today was! The first ever "Carmen Electra Day" at Barstool Sports after she left us all reminiscing about how freaking hot she was (and still is) growing up. She turned boys to men and men to teenage boys. She kept the Kleenex stock at an all time high and ruined more tube socks than athlete's foot. She's Carmen Electra, and today, we celebrated her.

We start last night with Carl's blog, aptly titled "Holy Fuck Does Carmen Electra Still Have Her Fastball"

 Today we started by waking up with her in some of the rarely seen but highly read "Wake Up" blogs, a staple of Barstool since 2005.

Hubbs woke us up with what he called the "ageless" Carmen Electra. Well said, Hubbs.

I woke us up with the Carmen Electra music video for her song "I Like It Loud", and used the same gif as Hubbs, but I don't think anyone is going to complain bout it (I did my blog first just saying)

We then moved to a brand new episode of Call Her…no just kidding. We had Reags wake us up with Carmen Electra on Baywatch

Great choice, Reags, you horny bastard.

Robbie didn't have a Carmen wake up, but he did have this laugh out loud funny tweet that I hope everyone sees.

Pat, Gay had a strongggg choice of Carmen at MTV's Summer Dance Party. Boy, I was much too young to be watching that. Probably re-wired my brain.

Jordie then did a blog that resonated with me, about Carmen Electra flipping my world on it's head in Good Burger. I saw that movie in theaters and had the birds and bees talk with myself right after it.

White Sox Dave, subtle as a brick in the small of your back, didn't waste any time on this one

That is certainly a striptease. 

Another from Reags about the story Carmen told when she was fucking Rodman when MJ showed up at their hotel room door.

To be honest I don't know what this one is about I'm going to guess it's a bunch of gifs of Carmen Electra though.

We're still going, baby. Dante the Don dropped a hot hot heat Carmen Electra mixtape. I mean I didn't listen I'm just going to assume so. Don't tell him I said that.

Clemnasty then gave us this gem, the Mount Rushmore of Carmen Electra posters:

And finally, the last one as of publish time, Greenie has dropped the blog about Dennis and Carmen Electra fucking all over the Bulls facility.

Job well done by everyone who took part in Carmen Electra Day, from the bloggers to the readers, to the queen herself, thank you. We expect Carmen Electra blogs to still trade in after hours, as her stock jumped 400% today. It's certianly a day none of us will ever soon forget.