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How Much Am I Allowed To Hate This Woman That Dragged American Airlines For Letting Other People On Her Flight Home? Because I Hate Her A Lot.

ABC -  RALEIGH, N.C. -- A North Carolina woman was fearful to be on what appeared to be a flight nearly full of passengers on a trip home to Raleigh over the weekend. Amid a layover in Charlotte, Strine said she was 'stunned' to be on a flight that was nearly full of passengers after taking off from JFK Airport in New York.

Strine, whose grandmother had recently passed, was traveling to Raleigh to be with family.

In a middle seat, she became worried for her health.

Strine said she arrived at a largely empty JFK two hours before her scheduled flight and saw passengers start to gather in line to board.

Well silly me thinking that an airline would adhere to social distancing guidelines. Currently abroad a nearly full @AmericanAir flight and I’ve never felt less safe or cared for in my entire life - @ErinStrine

I'm sick to my stomach trying to feel bad for this girl and I've decided it's absolutely fucking impossible. Just can't do it when you think about the dynamics of public air travel. We're talking about an industry that just got a multi-multi billion dollar bailout. One that's historically cheap and willing to fuck every single consumer under the sun. A line of work where a guy once saved a company by serving martinis with 1 blue cheese olive instead of 2. It's universally the most cutthroat business you can get into outside of titty bars and driving for uber. So excuse me and every other person with a functioning brain for not being overly surprised about American Airlines running full flights til bankruptcy. If you want to make it even easier on your brain - consider it's an airline named after the country that pioneered capitalism. Should they have an actual mission statement, I suppose it would be something along the lines of 

get rich or risk someone else's death trying

Or if you want to make it extremely easy on your brain, here's a flight from JFK to Raleigh tomorrow with that same stop in Charlotte that has princess all bent out of shape:

$116 for 1st class and $52 to get on and off the plane. It's a buyer's market and we're throwing a temper tantrum because there's too many buyers? Newsflash toots those seats are priced to go and they went. And making things even more brutal - the person complaining is one of those fucking buyers. To be clear: she's mad other people did literally the exact same thing as her. What crazy pills can you ingest to go this rock bottom in your logic? Or are you just naturally born to be this dumb? 

I'm not sure, but I can speculate that the real anguish is because she tried to go extra cheap from the $52 and book a middle seat. Take the absolute minimum price and then obviously move to the aisle or window when you get on the deserted plane back to Raleigh. We call that Unreasonable Expectations and often times they lead to unwarranted meltdowns like this. And trust me I'm practically an expert on the subject matter, which brings me to my final points:

O'Hare blows. 

Midway rules. 

Chicks dig scars.