It Is Flat Out MALARKEY That Joe Judge Was Not Able To Draft With His Game Film Grinding Golden Retriever Abby

ESPN- New York Giants coach Joe Judge's trusted sidekick, Abby the golden retriever, was cut from the game plan by a last-minute audible. That is why she hasn't made an appearance during the NFL draft broadcast despite the original plan for her and Judge's four children to be helping.

Judge made the decision to return to New Jersey on Wednesday before the start of the draft because of issues with his setup in Massachusetts. He thought it was best to be near an IT person with the draft being executed remotely as most of the country is shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic.

"Right now she could probably tell you more about who we're gonna take in the first round than anybody else," Judge said on a conference call with reporters the week before the draft.

Judge had planned to be in his basement for the draft. Abby was supposed to be beside him providing input on the first of the Giants' 10 selections. Judge also had talked with his four children about the possibility of them taking tags with players' names off the wall and helping organize things. But he also warned them there would be times when everybody needs to get out of the basement, potentially Abby included.

First off, let me say that I loved the Giants draft, as I broke down very thoroughly throughout the weekend.

HOWEVAH, I am officially giving everyone in the organization from Dave Gettleman on down a mulligan if this draft comes in as anything less than a resounding A+ because Coach Judge wasn't able to draft with his trusty sidekick. I know Coach Judge is a big boy that can make decisions by himself. But drafting players that you were not able to see at a pro day or have your doctors look at when the rest of your franchise's war room is scattered throughout the country is tough. When that draft clock is winding down and you need to decide between the two or three players you are juggling between, its nice to have a familiar face in the room that helped you eat all that game film up in between rounds of crapping in the backyard (no, I'm not talking about Dave Gettleman, you hyenas).

Which takes me to my next point. How the fuck was Abby not allowed to head to Jersey? Were the kids going to miss her that much for 72 hours? I bet Abby loves long car rides with her best friend along with a new apartment to learn new smells in as much as she loves a tall offensive lineman with long arms and good measurables. I refuse to believe that Coach Judge would have rented an apartment that wasn't Abby friendly. And even if he did, that feels like one of those problems that John Mara's money/influence could magically make "disappear". I believe Coach Judge more than I believe in pretty much anything else right now. Which is why I need to know why Abby didn't make the trip. If you tell me it was because she wanted to protect the family or hates the awful smells of Jersey, I'll give Coach Judge a pass and Abby a belly rub (I'll give Coach one too if he wants). But this is the first flag that of the Coach Judge Era that can be seen as any hue near red.

Also just a quick reminder that the NFL is a copycat league and the best of the best are already copying our top dog. 

Love to see it.