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An Absolutely Absurd Levels Of SIMP Were Achieved During This Video

Before you start this blog, I truly want you to watch the video above. It's 1 minute long. It's a wild ride, but it's one that I truly think you should go on regardless of how cheesy the music in the background is. 

The first 45 seconds are inspirational. The guy fell on hard times after the love of his life broke up with him. He kept fighting and found a way to start his own dream business!

The place looks great. Hopefully, it is buzzing with guests. 

But then this TikTok turned dark. Really, really dark. No, a family member of his didn't pass away or anything like that. He's still in love.....

Noooooooooooooo. YOU SIMP! You had me in the first half! I'm not going to lie. You had me in the first half. I was cheering for you and then my testosterone dropped 250%. 

You got out. You fought through the tough times. You became better because of it. Move on. She isn't worth it. She probably isn't even thinking about you my guy! She's out there with other dudes. It's been 3 years! That's over 1000 days!!!!!!!! Stop crying on the internet. Your ancestors probably had times when they didn't eat for days, weeks! They could've given up and you would've never existed. They didn't and if they saw this, they'd be disgusted. There are what, 3.5 billion girls in this world? I guarantee one of them is better than the girl that left you.