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Secrets Are Being EXPOSED During Lockdown

Wouldn't you know it, as people are forced to live together every waking second of their days, without the escape of work and happy hours, couples are starting to find out each other's dark secrets, and divorce attorneys are licking their chops just waiting for the courts to open back up! Look what it did to the Cutlers for fucks sake. ARTICLE

Look, you spend every second with a person, eventually you are going to learn a few things that you might have "overlooked" when you had other life shit going on. However now that couples are locked inside with each other, those little things like porn addiction, alcoholism, even cheating, are not being overlooked anymore. You spend a full week with me locked inside with nothing to do and you will find out a few things.... I will save those for my shrink though. 

Looks like Rex may be having to hide some things himself...

“When you’re together 24 hours a day with people and when you’re spending that much time, there’s more of an opportunity to uncover things,” said Robert Wallack, a New York attorney. “And whether it’s infidelity or whether it’s some type of financial impropriety, I would imagine that could cause someone to say, ‘I’ve had enough and I want out.’”

“They’re snooping,” she said. “They’re overhearing, they’re listening. Affairs are gonna come out more because, ‘Why are you locking yourself in your bathroom for so long?’ You know what I mean? People aren’t stupid.”

The deal is that if you are a cheating piece of shit, it has now become MUCH harder to maintain your cheating piece of shit ways. You can't sneak away for a quick chat with your lover while you are at work, you can't tell your husband or wife you have to stay late at work etc. The problem is that the people on the other end of the affair, we call them home wreckers, they need love too! So when the guy or gal that has probably promised the home wrecker "one day it will be me and you baby" starts neglecting them, well they get pissed and then its Costanza time for everyone.

It's not just cheating though, some spouses are realizing that the family is broke as shit and that their partners have been hiding their financial demise for a LONG time.

“People are jumping on the computer after their spouse and seeing what the spouse was doing online,” Wallack said. That’s how one of his clients recently glimpsed her partner’s online banking records — and realized the family had far less money than she’d originally believed.

However, as the article states, just because you figure out you want out of this devious relationship with that broke, porn addicted, alcoholic, right now isn't exactly the opportune moment for cheating, or hiring and talking to a lawyer.

“I had somebody call me about a new divorce, and he was clearly calling me and hiding in his own home. I don’t know if he was in the closet,” Gordon recalled. “He was just whispering.”

Definitely in the closet hiding from his abusive alcoholic wife, or masturbating to porn in the closet, one of the two for sure.

Divorces have also been largely put on pause. Seattle courts are not holding trials until at least June. Across the country, in New York, nonessential filings — like a request for a divorce — are prohibited entirely.

But once those restrictions are lifted and the pandemic ends, every lawyer who spoke with VICE News said they anticipate a boom in divorces.

“We sort of joke a little bit around the office that this is either gonna bring couples closer, said Seattle lawyer Lucia Levias, “or have them running to the courthouse as soon as it opens.” 

BTW, and perhaps the most important information from this blog, Cheaters Is Coming BACK!!!

Have a great fucking day!