Wake Forest Making Sure People Know John Beilein Isn't On Their Coaching Search Is EXACTLY How You Control The Story Before The Story Controls You

There is absolutely zero surprise that Wake is saying John Beilein isn't on their coaching search list. I know it makes sense from the standpoint of Beilein being the best coach out there and Wake being a historically strong program. But there are two things - one MAJOR - that really made it easy to say why he wouldn't be coaching at Wake. First, the minor one, he's made to coach at schools that aren't 'basketball schools.' He's excelled at West Virginia and Michigan. Why? He was given time to develop players, get his guys into the system with fans that care about football more. Not saying he'll only coach at those sort of schools - just his track record has been awesome there. Not to mention he's never coached in the south. Again, not saying he wouldn't or couldn't be successful there, just following his track record. 

Second - and the major reason - they simply can't afford Beilein. Danny Manning's buyout was somewhere in the $15 million range. $15 million! In this climate! But you had to move on from Manning if you want to be successful as a hoops program - plain and simple. But let's say you're trying to pay Beilein now. He was making nearly $3.5 million per year at Michigan. Are you going to commit - let's say $20 million ($4 million per year) - to Beilein along with that $15 million you're paying Manning? You simply can't. 

Not to mention Wake isn't looking to hire a 67-year old. They want to find someone who will be there for a decade - unless they suck. That's why the short list of coaches isn't groundbreaking and you'll find everywhere: 

Pat Kelsey (Winthrop) 

Wes Miller (UNC-Greensboro) 

Steve Forbes (ETSU) 

Randolph Childress (Wake assistant) 

Simple, those 4. I still vote that it's co-head coach Tim Duncan and Randolph Childress and they have to coach in full 90s uniforms. But since they won't listen to me, I'm going to guess it's Wes Miller. Miller played at UNC and his dad is a trustee at Wake, who has his name on an athletics building. He's a young guy who has turned UNC-Greensboro into one of the best mid-majors every year, competing with Wofford, ETSU, etc in the SoCon. I'd roll the dice with him and give him time - even if there's a worry that he's eventually the one to take over at UNC. 

Always control the story before the story controls you.