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Apparently The Going Rate For A Double Date With Ciara And Russell Wilson Is $240,000

I'm not a Russell Wilson hater (Hubbs) by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, I would even say I like him. Sure, he's corny and his enthusiasm runs a little high on occasion, but the guy is always involved in some sort of hospital visit, fundraiser, or act of goodwill, and I simply can't hate on kind human beings. 

That being said, I don't know much I would've guessed a double date with Ciara and Russell Wilson would sell for, but I can assure you I wouldn't have guessed anything close to $240,000. Basically a quarter of a million dollars to fly in a private jet to have dinner with Russell and Ciara for one night? Ok, maybe if it was a double date vacation in the Galapagos or something, but one dinner? That's absolutely outrageous! 

And what if you're single? What if you don't have a date to bring with you to this epic dinner? My guess is if you have $240k to spend on one night, you probably don't have a husband/wife and kids and all the expenses that come with it. So how do you go fishing for the right person to accompany you on this once-in-a-lifetime night? Considering you just spent all this money for their company, Russell and Ciara must be pretty important people to you, you can't just bring some floozy and hope for the best. 

Hopefully whoever purchased this package thought about all these very important details, as well as the pressure that comes with it.

"Talk about love and life with Russ and Ciara... and build a friendship that will hopefully last a lifetime. If you’ve ever dreamed about becoming a power couple of your own, this is your chance to be BFF’s with one at the top of their game!"

Oh, this shit's serious! My bad. I'd like to retract my previous comments on the whole one-night thing. Clearly this about much more than just a single dinner; this is about transforming your entire life by becoming a power couple alongside your new BFFs, Russ and Ciara. 

And you can't put a price on that. 

So congratulations to the new Hov and Bey on their forever friendships! 

More importantly though, bravo on the massive donation to the #ALLINCHALLENGE, which has now raised over $21 MILLION (and counting) in only 13 days to provide hunger relief for those in need. 




P.S. On the same night someone paid $240k to have dinner with Russ and Ciara, Emmanuel Acho was out here throwing direct shots at his Wilson's ex. Stone cold, Acho. Stone cold.