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Shanghai was RAGING This Past Weekend. Does that Indicate We May have a Social Life by June?

So this was Shanghai this past Friday night. Gotta be at least 200 people on that rooftop all within 6 inches of each other. Not a smidgin of social distancing in sight. Quarantine started in Shanghai around the end of January/beginning of February. New York started taking quarantine seriously around Mid-March. Does that mean by mid June we too will be raging on roof tops again? Honestly I have zero idea. There's a lot of intangibles. China locked down Wuhan, where the virus originated, in a way that would never be possible in the US. No one was allowed to leave the city limits. Many people weren't even allowed to leave their apartments. To this day we still have no idea how many people died there. In Shanghai though their quarantine didn't look much different than ours. You couldn't go to bars, restaurants, or parks but you could still head out to the grocery/convenience store. Shanghai started loosening quarantine towards the end of March and now it seems like social life is reaching pre-coronavirus levels. That's not say all aspects of life have gone back to normal over there though:

(TIME) Across China, officials outside office buildings and residential compounds note visitors’ names, contact information, ID numbers and travel history in order to feed to a police database. People in some cities must register phone numbers with an app in order to take public transport. Online retail giant Alibaba has rolled out its Health Code App across 200 Chinese cities that rates users green, yellow or red dependent on travel history and possible contact with infected people. Anyone who has left the city in the past two weeks is liable to get a yellow code, and with green mandatory for access to most malls and office buildings in big cities, few book frivolous travel lest they jeopardize their score. A red code requires 14 day quarantine.

I don't expect life in the US to resemble anything close to "normal" by June either but I've decided to convince myself that if we all crush another month and a half of quarantine, we'll be able to at least rage on roof tops by then.

On the other hand China just had to quarantine a new city due to a coronavirus outbreak last week so who the fuck knows.