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Something To Pass The Quarantined Time - The Free Nationals Tiny Desk Concert Feat. Anderson .Paak, Chronixx & India Shawn

Here's a fresh NPR Tiny Desk Concert to help pass the time on this gloomy quarantined day. If you don't know The Free Nationals already, prepare for twenty of the grooviest minutes of your day. They made a big name for themselves as Anderson Paak's backing band, and Anderson Paak even hops back up there behind the kit to further proving himself as one of the most insanely talented people out there right now. By the way, how the fuck did MTV let NPR cuck them outta Unplugged? Because that's what Tiny Desk Concerts are now, right? 

I mean - I know that MTV ditched music programming years ago and all of that, but why not keep Unplugged around in its original form? There's just no chance that people wouldn't watch that...proven by the whole Tiny Desk Concert thing! 

They had Harry Styles in the office last month for fuck's sake! Taylor Swift! Lizzo! Everybody who's anybody stops by to promote their new records at this point!

Blasphemous. Even MTV's current Unplugged specials, which are few and far between, they don't even promote or put any time/money into. Liam Gallagher did a fucking tremendous Unplugged show last year and they didn't even air it in the United States!

Anyway, here's a few of my favorite Tiny Desk shows…