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Mush Madness Took 25 Hours Last Night And I Am In Absolute Shambles

Last night took a toll on me. When We started this journey I wanted to one up that old bag and her son because they make it look so easy. This shit is science and between Dana, myself and my brother its not the smartest trio. At the beginning of the night only about two hours in I thought we were going to die. We were picking up the balls while we heard a banging at the door and it wasn't a gentle knock. Then we heard an even louder bang and nick gave the phone to me and ran to his room. I have never seen anyone run so fast and just yell to me to open the door. Now we have Dana in the Kitchen also refusing to open the door and were all at a stand still. As the Alpha of the house I went to the door all flexed up and this happened. 

It ended up just being a pizza place that was Mush Madness fans and wanted to give me free pizza and T-shirts. What a move because I still don't know how they have my address but fuck it, it was great pizza. Five minutes later I realize I resumed Mush Madness and the Delivery guys were sipping a cold one just hanging out. That was two hours into Mush Madness and I didn't even realize we had 23 more hours to go. Nick went to bed at 4 and we took a bunch of breaks in between the hours of 3pm and 7pm. Morale was low but we changed u the course and I finally hit it. Every part of my body hurts right now and I may take this weekend off to revamp Mush Madness. All of you are the best for sticking with me and thanks for the support. My brother also loves the camera once we hit the shot that bastard and I also think Dana is retiring from the trick shot game. Be on the lookout Tuesday for a new look to it.