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Charles Barkley Stopped By Coach Cal's Show To Talk About Draymond Getting Hit In The Head By Panties

Ding, ding, ding. We got round 84 of Chuck vs Draymond. This feud has been going back and forth for a few years now and quite frankly I'm addicted to it. Two guys who will say quite literally anything that comes to their mind hating each other is something I will always listen to. 

Barkley wants someone to punch Draymond in the face: 

Barkley trying to get KD to say Draymond is annoying: 

Barkley saying Draymond would average a triple-single

Draymond saying he's going to take Barkley's job: 

And most recently Draymond saying Barkley is just jealous of his success: 

And now we have this. Barkley acknowledging that Draymond is part of a boy band, which I think we all can agree on is the only way to think of this now. Especially when he starts talking about panties being thrown on stage. Of course Justin Timberlake is going to get the panties. You don't date Britney and marry Jessica Biel without being the guy getting panties tossed at you. Draymond is Chris Kirkpatrick. He's catching panties, but it's by accident. Just in this case it's NBA championship trophies for Draymond. 

I really could just listen to Chuck talk forever. I've said it before but it's kinda crazy there's a generation that only knows him as this crazy guy on TV and not as an MVP of the NBA. It's a lot like how we are with Walton. That said, as long as he keeps entertaining me I'm all in on Chuck. 

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