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Chicago Has A MAJOR Crisis On Our Hands. Covid-19 Is Causing El Milagro To Shut Down Tortilla Production

FUCK COVID-19. God damn it I hate this disease. El Milagro tortillas are a Chicago institution. A guy who came to America and started making tortillas in 1950 and his family hasn't stopped since...until the motherfucking coronavirus. This story, which I recommend you read on their website because the website has not been touched since 1950 either, is incredible. A real American dream. An orphaned immigrant comes to the US in 1942 and works as a laborer on the railroads. In his free time he peddles fresh tortillas to make extra money. He then turned that side hustle into an empire. 

I honestly debated blogging this or not because I didn't want there to be panic buying at my Marianos. What are we supposed to do? Eat Mission brand or Chi-chis? FUCK that noise. I'd stock up on Mission tortillas if there was a run on toilet paper. We are talking about a crisis. Taco Tuesday could be canceled for the rest of quarantine. 

Just when you think things can't get any worse...unreal. 

For those looking for tortilla rankings in Chicago, here are your only options

1) El Milagro

2) Los Comanches

3) Anotonilco

That's it. Stock up, stay safe. Best of luck to a Chicago institution.

PS: I think the El Milagro chips are just okay. The real king of Tortilla Chips...Donkey Chips