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Isiah Thomas Went On TV This Morning And Is Still Salty As Hell

There's no denying that Isiah Thomas is one of the best pure point guards in NBA history. Guy was an absolute stud as a player and then some. If he didn't sacrifice a little bit for the greater good of those Pistons teams his numbers would have been even better. Having said all that he's basically public enemy #1 after last night. The internet hates this man all over again outside of Pistons fans. So naturally what does he do? He goes on national television and makes it even worse. He's basically in a lose/lose situation here so I'm not exactly sure why he thought this was going to be a good idea. Did he think after last night that people would hear this shit and be like "oh, you're right Isiah, my bad for hating you". If anything he only made things worse! 

This is just one of those situations where you have to keep quiet. Nothing you say after the fact is going to change anyone's mind. It doesn't matter how true what you're saying might be. Nobody wants to hear it and that's especially the case when it comes to Isiah Thomas. It's pretty clear his public perception still matters to him yet he does stuff like this that only hurts it more. Poor guy can't get out of his own way. 

I will say though that in an era where there really isn't hatred or rivalries in the NBA, it's refreshing to know that these two sides still have beef. Nothing quite like a quality grudge and it doesn't seem like this is ending anytime soon. Just like Chief showed this morning, Isiah is full of shit 

and him doubling down today on TV is just too funny. Isiah needs someone in his life to get in his ear and tell him to just sit this whole thing out until the next wave up episodes come out and we move on from the Bad Boy Pistons/Bulls stuff.