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Lady Yells At Teens Playing In A Park: "I Hope Both Of You Get Coronavirus! I Hope You Both Die A Long, Painful Death!"

Alright so I don't know all the details surrounding this situation but, from what I gather, a couple of teens were playing in a park somewhere in New Jersey and that lady walking her a dog did not appreciate it one bit. What I think we can all agree on is that her tone could use some work. Sure maybe the teenagers shouldn't be out there playing in the park because there's a global pandemic going on and seemingly the best way to contain it is to stay inside and not go near anyone. She did say she's just trying to save their lives. 

HOWEVA telling teenagers that you hope they get coronavirus and die a long, painful death is not constructive whatsoever. What's that thing people say, you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar? That applies here. You're far more likely to convince teenagers to stay inside during a global pandemic if you have a rational conversation with them as opposed to telling them they're gonna die. Or maybe not. Teenagers can rebellious little fuckers who don't care about anyone but themselves, but it's worth a shot. Everybody just take a deep breath. The last thing we need is people going fucking insane during this time. That's how you get anarchy.

By the way, people who are outside yelling at people who are outside is interesting to me. Couldn't someone just as easily be yelling at her? Also she's not even wearing mask! Put on a mask lady! If you wanna be on your high horse about the importance of social distancing then you at least need to be wearing a mask. For instance, I wear a mask and therefore I am allowed to judge the people who don't. And it's hard for me to wear a mask because I wear glasses and my hot breath instantly fogs them up and makes me blind while I'm getting groceries. But I still do it because it's my civic duty.