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#TheLastDance Episode 4 Notes

Back with a couple of brief notes on Episode 4 of "The Last Dance". Episode 1 notes can be found here. Episode 2 notes are here. Episode 3 here

  • Carmen Electra was bad in a way that doesn't really translate now. There are hundreds of IG pages committed to compiling attractive women in a way that didn't exist then. She was attractive AND on television. Basically a superstar, and she was gallivanting around the city with Dennis Rodman.
  • Michael Jordan having to get you out of bed to come back to work while Electra hides is a hell of a story. Score one for Dennis.
  • I remember the Scottie Pippen migraine story. I remember it being a Game 7. I didn't know it was in 1990 or the Eastern Conference Finals though. This was one year before they won the title so this, in essence, could have been their first title. This could have been the start of the run, if not for Scottie's migraines. He played 42 minutes in Game 7, but shot 1-10 and finished with 2 points. Jordan had 31/8/9 because of course. But his second-leading scorer was Horace Grant with 10 points on 3-17 shooting. Imagine the takes now if this happened. In the Finals, the Pistons beat Portland in five games. If the Bulls win this Game 7, I think they also make short work of the Trail Blazers and maybe Jordan is 7-0 in the ring department.
  • Tim Grover may have been basketball's first year-round trainer. If this happened now, would he have Jordan doing completely unnecessary workouts to put on his Instagram? Would he have fucked with Jordan's shot and tried to ruin him? Who knows.
  • Were the Bulls the first team to work on basketball in the offseason after their loss to the Pistons?? Larry Bird was building driveways during his summers and Jordan was playing three-card monte until that last Pistons loss had him fed up.
  • I don't know how old I was when I realized that the Bulls theme music was an actual song called "Sirius" by the Alan Parsons Project. I thought it was just the Bulls intro music for ages. I was a grown man before I found this out and I'm not ashamed to admit it.
  • Maybe they'll get to it next episode, but I didn't realize that the 1991 Finals were the last postseason games that Magic Johnson played in. He won league MVP in 1990 and averaged a 19/7/13 in 1991, making First Team All-NBA. The Bulls won that series on June 12 and Magic announced he tested positive for HIV on November 7. His career was basically done at 31. I can't imagine the shock of that happening now. We find out that Steph Curry (also 31 at the time), fresh off losing last year's Finals to the Raptors and making First Team All-NBA, is announcing his retirement due to a disease that no one understands at the time. Wild.
  • The changing hands' layup in the Finals was WILDLY unnecessary by Jordan. He was just showing off and I love it:
  • Jordan still had some fuzz on the peach going into the 1991 Finals. This means he decided to go completely bald sometime between the victory in June 1991 and the Dream Team in 1992. Once he got the ring, he felt free to shave the dome.
  • I still can't believe Jerry Reinsdorf let a GM, even a really good one, run off Hall of Fame players and coaches.
  • I already know next week is going to be a sad one:

Until parts 5 & 6.