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Dim The Lights, Grab Some Lotion And Watch Jalen Hurts Running The Philly Special To Perfection At Oklahoma On Repeat

It still blows my mind that there are people who are losing their minds over this pick. Were there other positions that the Eagles could have addressed in the 2nd round? Of course there were. But on position that all you dolts keep forgetting about is the head coach. And the Eagles desperately need to get Doug Pederson's massive balls back. And who gives Dougie P the versatility to go full send on the playbook now? Having a player like Jalen Hurts to throw into the mix. 

For all the morons out there who think that drafting Jalen Hurts is undermining Carson Wentz, I honestly can't figure out what planet you're living on right now. In no world is Jalen Hurts going to come in and take the starting job away from Carson unless--and I barely want to even type this into existence--Carson ends up getting injured again. But as long as there is a healthy Wentz in a uniform, he's the starter. But I've heard so many donkey brained bozos (mostly on the radio) talking about how if the Eagles are worried about Wentz staying healthy, then why wouldn't they go out there and pick up a veteran quarterback as a backup and try to go after someone like Jameis or Flacco. Uhhhhhh are you fucking kidding me? You don't bring in Jameis Winston because he's going to be doing everything possible to become the starter. Jalen Hurts is the type of guy who will always be doing everything possible to help the team in whichever way he can contribute. 

Carson Wentz is not fighting for his job now with Jalen Hurts. He was the franchise quarterback on Friday and he's still the franchise quarterback today. But just think about the options that Jalen gives Doug Pederson when it comes to play calling. I know people mostly hate the pick and not the player right now, but all you have to do is shut up and stop making yourself look foolish in the future. 

And if there's any more reason to not be losing your mind about this pick anymore, Max Kellerman was on First Take today screaming about how the Eagles drafted Jalen to be Carson's replacement. And that moronic sack of shit has never had a correct take in his life. 

I love Carson. I love Jalen. I love Doug. And I think all 3 of them are going to be able to work together beautifully and everybody who is so adamantly against this pick can kick rocks.