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SCANDAL: Call Of Duty World Champion Parasite Gets Kicked Out Of League For DM'ing Teammate's GF In The Middle Of A Tournament

DEXTERO - CoD World Champion Christopher 'Parasite' Duarte allegedly messaged his teammate and fellow CoD pro Alex 'Zaptius' Bonilla's girlfriend - in the middle of a series. In a now deleted tweet, Zaptius accused Parasite of sending private messages to his girlfriend with the intention of "trying to get with her" in the middle of the CDC tournament. The clash led to Parasite being dropped from the roster, confirmed by the ex-World Champion with a number of tweets saying he is now a free agent. Duarte also seemed to confirm the allegations, apologizing to both Zaptius and the wider CoD community for his actions. "Not proud of all that but it is what it is," he said. "Mistakes were made. Wasn’t thinking straight at all. We can only move forward, that’s life."

SCANDAL OFF THE STICKS!  Um...yeah buddy.  People are going to kick you while you're down and lost respect for ya.  Solid self awareness.  You slid into the DM's of a teammate's girlfriend...WHILE YOU GUYS WERE PLAYING ON THE SAME TEAM!!!  That would be like me and Private Balls in a foxhole together and I turn around to reload for a sec and BAM!  Sergeant Stains is shooting burger recipes over to the Fiancée trying to get Balls deep. Not good, un-ironically named Parasite.  Not good at all.  

Anyways, we're live on Twitch, again.  See how long it takes before ROTC Dave learns how to breathe.