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WATCH: Carmen Electra Striptease In "Baywatch"

Nate dubbed today "Carmen Electra Day" at Barstool, so I'd be remiss not to join in on the party:

The Jordan Doc has been great all the way around, but it's most important contribution to our lives isn't its ability to curb our boredom for 2 hours once a week, it's that it has put Carmen Electra to the forefront of our brains again. Absolute fucking ROCKET that just bleeds sexiness. Oh and she's DEFINITELY au naturalé too, amirite?

Anyways the video above is a 3 min striptease she did on Baywatch to make your imagination run wild. Don't say I never did nothing for ya. Oh and before I forget, here's a link to her Playboy spread. Click it, I promise you it's not the King Richard's Faire video. Swear on my life. I would NEVER say I'm providing nudes to someone and then not do it. That's Guy Code 101, if you have nudes you're obliged to share them with your friends. Everyone knows that.

Did WSD do it again or did WSD do it again?


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