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Wake Up With Girls Jumping On Trampolines

I was in between the 3 minute and the 5+ minute version and ended up going 5+ because you never know how horned up the audience is. In that case I played it safe and went 5+ because I don't want to short change the bloodflow to your crotch. What kind of monster would I be if I started regulating my content on the basis of keeping your dicks flaccid. That would be so lame of me. 

Elsewhere, Girls On Trampolines was the best way any show from the 90's ever ended. The Man Show knew what it was doing long before anyone else and for that reason it's in a lot of our Hall of Fames. Maybe not the best show of all time but definitely high enough to get respect it deserves. ZICKE ZACKE ZICKE ZACKE HOI HOI HOI