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I Have Accepted A Golf Match vs A 12-year-old

We‘ve got ourselves a match. Details aren’t finalized yet but probably playing Friday at County Club of North Carolina, which I hear is quite nice. Look I’m sure this kid is a great 12 year old golfer. I bet among the 12 year old crew in between watching Power Rangers and “go pres go” chants they talk about how well this kid plays golf. But he’s fucking 12. The earth has only orbited the sun 12 times since he was born. lol. Are you fucking kidding me? 12 times? Cute swing I’m sure but this is the adult table. According to my math he’s 3 years younger than 15-year-old Steve when he actually was 15-year-old Steve. 

Hey 12 year old listen up. I’m going to destroy you then unfollow you on Instagram and send you right back to watching cartoons with Robbie Fox.

Let’s do this.