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Everything Isiah Thomas Said WAS Bullshit Per An Interview 6 Months After The Walk-Off

So that was the video. Isiah Thomas got up there, 30 years after the fact and tried to make it seem like it was no big deal that they walked off. Jordan, in real time, said it was bullshit and called what Isiah was going to say basically word for word. Isiah is a fucking snake. And you know what...he was lying. It wasn't the thing everyone did back then. They knew EXACTLY what they were doing when they did it. They did it for the exact affect that they received. 

Hey Isiah,

Every single time he gives an account of what happened it's a different story

Seriously, stop. It's been THIRTY years. Just tell the truth. Tell people that you were the villain. You were. An all-time great villain. The perfect heal. Just say. Stop with the bullshit. This is why everyone fucking hates you to this day Isiah. Well, Knicks fans hate you for other reasons, but everyone else hates Isiah because he's just a snake. Tell the truth. He keeps trying to have it both ways. He wants to do 30 for 30s about the Bad Boy Pistons and then he wants to do other shows and interviews and say that what they were doing was no big deal and that he wasn't the General of those teams. I guarantee Isiah had personal bounties. Money on the board for whoever knocked Jordan or Pippen on their ass. That was how they won. Just say so. 

He's still so petty. Still throwing shade. Just keep MJ's name off your lips. This clip infuriated me

So what you're saying is that Jordan and the Bulls got better over time? Yeah, no shit. Cool story. Sounds like someone else I know

Isiah Thomas entered the league in 1981

No playoffs, no playoffs, first round loss, second round loss, first round loss. Jordan lost to Bird's Celtics twice, the Pistons three times, and then realistically never lost again. He is just out there muddying the waters and trying to make it seem like there was a time that he was better than Jordan. You can't trust anything Isiah says.