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Wake Up With Rafael Palmeiro's 569th And Final Career Home Run

You forgot that Rafael Palmiero is one of only 6 MLB players to have 3.000 hits, and 500 home runs, didn't you? This bomb above was his 569th and last career homer in what should have been a career that was ending in Cooperstown. Instead, a few days after hitting his final career home run, he was suspended by MLB for testing positive for a banned substance and never played again. After his 10-game suspension was up, he returned to Camden Yards but didn't play. Kind of awkward because it was Rafael Palmiero appreciation day. He never played MLB baseball again and said he still hasn't been back to Baltimore since. This man has what, the 2nd or third sweetest swing behind Griffey and maybe Bonds? His numbers would have been insane if he finished out his career, but it was cut short by the positive test. He's maintained innocence, but who knows. Regardless. 569 homers and over 3,000 hits is insane. Rare, rare company. Orioles need to sack up and bring Raffy home.