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There's Nothing Like Watching NBA Players Beat The Shit Out Of Each Other

One of the best parts of the first episode tonight was the nice reminder of how much wild shit went on back in the 80s and 90s. Olds will talk your ear off about how that was the best era of NBA basketball. I don't exactly agree with that statement but what I will say is it must have been so much more entertaining to watch with the legit possibility of a real life brawl breaking out at any moment. I'm not talking about your classic "HOLD ME BACK" fight you see nowadays either. These dudes whooped the shit out of each other like it was no big deal. It was normal. 

This will often get confused with people saying the defense was better, but I dunno about that. It wasn't "better" in my opinion, there were just no rules. You could foul as hard as you want and it was par for the course. Smash someone in the head the second he got into the paint type of defense. That's something I wish we still had in today's NBA though. It would be interesting to see how confident certain players would be knowing there's a real possibility they could get absolutely mauled. Think of how much players bitch nowadays the moment they are barely touched. Now imagine if those same players had to deal with someone swinging at their head.

Basketball may be more aesthetically pleasing in today's NBA, but the 80s and 90s definitely have the advantage when it comes to shit like this. A different time indeed.