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Checking In On Diletta Leotta (My Internet Girlfriend) - She Just Wants To Take A Damn Walk On The Beach

There's literally nothing to do today in the Reagan household. It's raining out in Cincinnati so can't even go for a walk. Not like I'm going to sit here and vacuum. So I did the logical thing. I went and looked to see what my Internet girlfriend was up to these days in Italy. Diletta Leotta, I have called her the hottest woman on the planet, just wants to go for a damn walk on the beach. Can't blame her. 

She won me over when she shut down an entire Italian fanbase chanting at her to dump them out. 

Now why did I put (My Internet Girlfriend) in the title? Because there have been debates on these blogs about internet girlfriends. I'm taking a page out of Carl's book in his battle vs Hubbs

Unlike Carl I went a step further though and put in google translate what Diletta was saying. She wants to walk on the beach. When this is all said and done I'll see you on the banks of the Ohio River, Diletta.