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Who Dat New Saints Backup QB? Jameis Winston!

Lets all take a break from looking at every Draft Grade our respective teams got to see how Barstool's Junior Draft Analyst is taking this news:

Sean Payton, you beautiful mad football genius, you! Teddy Bridgewater takes his two gloves and two foot dick to Carolina and all the Saints do is assemble the ultimate QB Room by signing an old division rival. Drew Brees as the super accurate Ace, Taysom Hill as the Joker that can be plugged in anywhere on the field, and Jameis Winston as the biggest Wild Card this side of Charlie Kelly. Need the offense to keep moving if Drew Brees goes down? Jameis led the league in passing yards! Need a touchdown? Jameis was 2nd in the NFL in touchdowns! Need an interception to wake up your own defense or a Pick 6 to tire out the opposing defense? James has you covered like the receiver he just threw a pick to!

Jameis even has plenty of experience throwing to guys in black and gold.

Putting Jameis Winston behind your 41-year-old quarterback is like getting a golden parachute insurance plan except there is a chance that parachute could burst into flames and burn your entire house down at any given moment. There is also a chance we will finally get to see Jameis become the QB that the Jameis Winston Derangement Syndrome guy and Steven Cheah always said he could become (If they are indeed different people) when Drew Brees starts cashing his NBC checks thanks to Sean Payton's coaching and two fully operational eyeballs!

The only thing about this signing that is actually surprising when you think of it is that none of us saw it coming. Not because the Saints have watched plenty of Jameis film with him playing in the same division or because Sean Payton likes to load up on talented QBs. But because everyone Jameis delivered the greatest pump up speech the sports world has ever seen right on the Saints home field.