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Why The Hell Not? We're Apparently Getting A Documentary All About The 2008 Redeem Team

You know what? Hell yes. I'll happily watch this. Why? What else do we have to watch right now? We're starving for new content on TV and I'll gladly watch something about the Redeem Team. It's not even low key, I just straight up love this Redeem Team too. It's one of those teams that I remember watching every game, staying up for it all and most importantly having a party for the 2008 Gold Medal Game. 

I also remember the 2004 Olympics. You thought we were embarrassed about the US Men's Soccer team not making the last World Cup? Nothing was more embarrassing than getting the bronze in 2004. Individually - the talent on that roster was awesome. Tim Duncan, Allen Iverson, LeBron, Melo, Wade, Stephon Marbury, Amar'e and more. But from a team standpoint it wasn't close to making sense. You had two ball dominant combo guards. You didn't have enough shooting. You also had Larry Brown not playing the 3 young guys nearly enough.

That's what made 2008 special. These guys were pissed. You want to talk about a loaded roster? It was everything that the 1992 Dream Team had. You had stars. You had names. You had the best of the best showing up playing together. Not only that but the 2008 Olympics was really the first Olympics where we saw all those other countries taking the jump. Spain was loaded. Argentina was still playing together. Lithuania is always legit. Australia just started to figure it all out. 

But this is the team that was strategically put together to remind everyone that USA is the greatest basketball country in the world. This was the team that was supposed to make up for the disaster that happened in Greece. Jerry Colango built this team, like you know a team. Guys like Prince/Redd who were unique players but really relying on guys like Kobe to be the leader as LeBron/Wade/Paul/Melo were just getting into their prime. It paid off, especially in the Gold Medal Game. 

Yeah, I'll watch the hell out of this. Put this on like Tuesday to help us get through the week.