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The NBA Is On Its Way Back!!!

Woj bomb baby!!! Oh you were paying attention to the NFL Draft? Here comes Woj with some positive NBA news right in your face. This may not be much, but it's a step. It's the first positive step we've had in terms of the NBA one day coming back since this whole hiatus started. You have to walk before you can run and at this point I'll take anything that suggests we're one day going to have a season/playoffs. Can't do that until you're allowed to work out and get players back in shape so as long as they figure out a way to do this safely this is nothing but good news. 

The logical part of my brain says we're still months away from playing again. That's fine, take all the time you need. I just needed something positive about this whole situation. A glimmer of hope if you will. At the same time I'm curious to know which NBA owner is going to get in the ear of their local government and get his state open. Definitely a competitive advantage to be had there which I'm sure will go over well. 

Whatever though. People smarter than me can work out the specifics. I'm just happy we finally have some good news and don't have to give up hope just yet. Let's GO!