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I LOVE The Steelers 4th Round Pick, Kevin Dotson

Out goes Ramon Foster to retirement. In comes 2019 All-American Kevin Dotson

What a steal in the 4th round for the Steelers here. 

Look at this kid just THROWING people. 

Those are highlights against Alabama, by the way. 

Hell of an addition to the oldest offensive line group in the league. Should be able to provide damn near immediate impact and inject youth and nasty physicality into the offense. 

Oh, and by the way, he grew up a diehard Steelers fan. He knows what Pittsburgh is all about. 

His man cave almost looks better than mine. 

Feel pretty good about the first four draft picks. I expect Claypool, Dotson, and even McFarland to come in right away and be able to contribute significantly in 2020. 

Getting some help for Big Ben to ride this thing to number 7, and I'm ready to watch them ride Kevin Dotson there.