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In Honor Of Al Pacino's 80th Birthday, Here's The Time Trick Daddy Had 'Scarface' Blinds In His House

Remember MTV Cribs? I'm sure you do because it was AWESOME. One of the best shows to ever come out of the Golden Age of MTV shows right up there Pimp My Ride, Rob & Big and Jackass. This episode of Cribs always stuck out to me in particular because of Trick Daddy's 'Scarface' blinds. If you want to see the Scarface blinds, you can fast forward to the 3-minute mark but I HIGHLY recommend just watching the whole thing because Trick Daddy Dollars is a tremendous host. TDD goes through his snack pantry, his dog Hershey pisses on his beautiful bed, he talks about his love for the Miami Dolphins, Chucky the doll makes an appearance, the whole thing is tremendous. What else are you doing today? Nothing.

Now it's no secret that rappers LOVE Scarface. Something about the rags-to-riches story of Tony Montana really struck a cord with rappers, 2000s rappers in particular. Watch any old episode of Cribs with a rapper in it and there's a 99.9% chance they're going to have something Scarface-related in their home, to the point where I don't think you were allowed to appear on MTV Cribs as a rapper if you didn't have Scarface stuff around your house. Scarface DVDs, Scarface pillows, Scarface posters, Scarface murals, Scarface slippers, etc etc. You name it, a rapper had. However, I had never ever seen Scarface blinds and they clearly left a lasting impression on me because here I am talking about them over a decade later. I really respected Trick Daddy's out-of-the-box thinking went it came to Scarface home decor.

Anyway. Happy 80th birthday Al Pacino!