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The Saga Is Over, Trent Williams Has Been Traded, A New Tackle Has Been Drafted, And We Can All Move On With Our Lives While Cursing Bruce Allen's Name Forever

And at long last, he is gone. There it is, for a 5th and a 3rd. Not the return we originally wanted, but that's the return we'll get, we'll take it, and move on. I'm out of words on the Trent Williams topic. Bruce Allen turned down a 1st rounder for him last year and for that I'll never forgive him. I'll take what we got from San Fran. Whatever. He's a 31 year old injury prone tackle. Amazing when he's healthy, obviously. And now he'll probably have the best season of all time out West. You know that's what's about to happen. 

The Skins then immediately drafted someone who could be his replacement: 

Smoked some weed, got suspended a few games, fell to the 4th round. 1st/2nd round talent but character issues made him slide. Ron Rivera is a no-nonsense coach so Saahdiq will clear those up or be cut immediately, the choice is his, but I will guess he'll prefer cashing NFL paychecks to the alternative. 

And there it is. Trent gone, new tackle in, the great circle of life. And fuck Bruce Allen.