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I Am Officially MAD Online At Bears Fans Over The Reaction To The Cole Kmet Pick

I feel like Jules in the "what" scene of Pulp Fiction. SAY 10 TEs ONE MORE TIME MUTHAFUCKA. SAY 10 TIGHT ENDS AGAIN GOD DAMN IT, I DARE YOU!

You can argue that maybe the Bears should've drafted someone else for other reasons, but saying they don't need a TE because they have 9 other guys signed is the HEIGHT of stupidity. First of all...they won't when the regular season starts. It's 90 man roster season right now. Every position is going to be inflated. 

Secondly, and most importantly, the Bears finished DEAD LAST in tight end production last year. 32nd of 32 teams in the NFL. You want to know who the team leader was at the position in 2019? It was JP fucking Holtz who had an ASTOUNDING 7 catches for 91 yards. Holtz was followed by Jesper Horsted who finished with 8 catches for 87 yards. 

"but Chief, the Bears signed Jimmy Graham, they don't need a TE". Look, I hated the Jimmy Graham signing. He seems pretty washed to me. He had 38 grabs for 447 yards last year. Not a difference maker as a receiver anymore and he could NEVER block

Which brings us back to Kmet. People are saying that he's a project. Uhhh how so? If you mean "project" in the sense that every single draft pick is a development project, then yes, he is. If you mean it to say that he's similar to Adam Shaheen who is a fucking BUM and played small time college football than you are an idiot of the highest order. Kmet will be the most well-rounded player at the position on day 1. He will start on day 1. He can block effectively. He can run. He can catch. He fights for extra yards after the catch. He can play every down, he can play an H-back role, he can play outside, he can play at the end of the line. The Bears don't have anyone like him. You know who does? The Eagles with Ertz. The Chiefs with Kelce. When Nagy came in the Bears immediately tried to get him TEs so his offense could take off. They signed Burton and drafted Shaheen. Well, neither of them worked out. Burton was effective in the regular season in 2018 and the Bears offense looked better as a result. Kmet can come in and fill that role and then some. Then in the redzone the Bears can bring in Graham. Now all of a sudden the QB has three LARGE redzone targets with Robinson, Kmet, and Graham. That should help whoever the quarterback is. 

You can make an argument about many things, you can't make a coherent argument that the Bears didn't need to upgrade an extremely important position to their offense. Kmet was the best TE they could get, they got him, it's a good pick. He will be a good player in 2020, that is a Barstool Chief guarantee.