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The Packers Draft a Running Back in the 2nd Round - Might Be Trying To Convince Aaron Rodgers To Quit And Forfeit His Salary

Obviously the Packers lost the draft yesterday by trading up to take Jordan Love. Some of you disagree and that's fine, it's okay to be wrong here and there, but that was the worst pick imaginable. Everyone's message of positivity heading into tonight's 2nd and 3rd rounds was that there was plenty of talent all over the place. Guys who could have easily went in the first round were still out there, especially at the wide receiver position. The Packers could still trade up and take a solid wide out to help out Davante Adam on offense and quiet the hate from Thursday night. 

So how'd it go? Well Clemsons's Tee Higgins and USC's Michael Pittman Jr. went off the board right away. Okay not great but there's still a few guys that could make an impact. Nope there goes Shenault to the Jags and Hamler to the Broncos. The final guy I was a fan of, ND's Claypool goes to the Steelers. Just to add insult to injury Van Jefferson and the falling Denzel Mims went as well. The Packers just sat back and didn't act like they had a care in the world as every good receiver in this draft got taken in front of them. The one thing they felt they needed to trade up to take was a fucking quarterback. So with the wide receiver plan out the window what did they do at 62? 

FUCKING RUNNING BACK AJ DILLON. Truly remarkable. It's so impressive how bad of a first two picks they've had. Legit insanity. The Packer have a 25 year old running back in Aaron Jones who led all running backs in touchdowns. They also have a very competent back up in Jamaal Williams who everyone seems to love. Are the Packers grooming AJ Dillon to take over for 25 year old Aaron Jones too? Both Jones and Williams are free agents after next season. Dillon was run into the ground at BC. 845 carries in 3 seasons. Dude's knees have to shredded. Regardless if he's healthy or not, taking a running back there is pure lunacy and just a troll to the fanbase. Hey all the wide receivers in the draft are gone but oooohhh look here's a cool running back who had 38 TDs in 3 seasons! Please look away from the burning house! 

Either the Packers are trying to get Aaron Rodgers to quit football and forfeit his salary or they expect the NFL season to be completely cancelled. There's no other logic to these moves. NONE. A running back? What the fuck is that? They saw the Eagles go Jalen Hurts in the 2nd round and said you know what let's one up them by taking another position we have completely locked down. Forget a receiver to help Rodgers and Davante. Forget a defensive player to maybe prevent giving up 10 yards a carry in the NFC Championship Game. Nah let's take a running back. 

Is the plan to use three running backs, two quarterbacks, and one receiver on offense next year? Ah ha! Try and stop us!

What a joke. Someone make sure Rodgers isn't near a bridge or anything. 3rd round pick coming up! Can't wait!! Shoot me in the head. Let's take a kicker so Crosby can groom him as his successor too. 

3rd round pick update. They took a random tight end. Might as well be a made up person. Couldn't even take a cool tight end like Randy Moss' son. Nope. Fuck everything. What a disaster.