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Redskins Pick Up A Weapon In Antonio Gibson

What a quote from the Redskins newest WR/RB/Weapon. From what I've seen and heard of him he seems like a swiss army knife where if you get the ball in his hands, he makes shit happen. I love players like that. And the Skins new OC Scott Turner had a player like that down in Carolina...a player named Christian McCaffrey. Now obviously I'm not about to call Gibson the next MCC, but I am saying the Skins new OC knows how to utilize a guy who breaks tackles, makes guys miss, and can be explosive for huge plays better than almost anyone. And that's who Gibson is.

Speed, can catch, breaks tackles, home run threat. A complete weapon. I love players like this.

Great pick and can't wait to see him out there. Pretty solid picks so far for the new Redskins. A+.