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Untitled Jalen Hurts What The FUCK Are The Eagles And Howie Roseman Doing With Our Lives Blog

Serious question: Can Jalen Hurts play ILB?  Or maybe WR or safety?  Can he?  Because the Eagles could've really, really used a LB, safety, or WR that could come in and contribute to this playoff team this season.  And that's the only real rational I have for them drafting Jalen Hurts, a very talented QB out of Oklahoma (and Alabama) in the second round.  Especially after they gave Carson Wentz a big dick 100+ million contract and, as recent as YESTERDAY, alluded to it being his team with the Reagor pick.  

Plus the fact they could've gotten Hurts in the 3rd or 4th round (as they could've gotten Reagor after 21, most likely in the 2nd round, if they traded back).  Or they now fucking HATE Nate Sudfield, which is cute because after being told this kid was the greatest developing QB in history with unlimited potential for 3 preseasons, I almost drank the Kool Aid.  This is crazytown.  A Juan Castillo, let's put the OL coach at DC because "He's seen every blitz package known to man out there" level of madness.  

In the end, Howie Roseman always needs to outsmart everyone. Including himself.  Joe Douglas is laughing at us right now...and he works for the Jets.  It's also amazing that even without sports, Philly sports talk radio is now going to be the most active and barbaric it's ever been. ncredible.

It's ok though.  It's exciting for our QB.  

And I like Jalen Hurts.  A lot, actually.  But what the FUCK are you supposed to do with this when you have a franchise QB who is taking up most of the books at 27-years-old???