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Welcome All 6'4 And 238 Pounds of Chase Claypool To Pittsburgh

This dude is big. BIG big. 

Super productive last year at Notre Dame. Tested through the ROOF at the Combine this year. 

Wasn't expecting this to be the pick at all. Thought for sure it would be Dobbins since he was just laying there on a platter for them, but one of the reasons besides Mason Rudolph not being that good that the offense struggled last year was playmakers. 

High praise from someone is pretty familiar with Notre Dame football with his coverage on NBC. This will help. 

Add another big, athletic body with Claypool next to JuJu, Diontae, and James Washington and you're rounding out a pretty solid receiving corps with the bonus being Claypool can be a big matchup problem. 

Look, no one drafts receivers better than the Steelers. Even if they flame out like Martavis Bryant or Antonio Brown, Colbert has proven that he can just bring in dudes that make a difference when catching the ball. 

I think Big Ben will be happy with this one. 

Now time to add O-line youth and depth.