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Have You Or Anyone You Know Been Personally Victimized By Max Homa? Well Tonight Is Your Turn For Revenge

To some Max Homa is simply a "Professional golfer" as his twitter bio states, to mostly everyone else he is the guy known for chirping the shit out of everyone's golf swings in hilarious fashion on twitter. Not even Barstools finest golfers are immune to his roasts

Or even Scituates finest citizen

maybe the most ruthless of them all

Seems like pretty much everyday I logon twitter I see Max roasting away at people on Twitter and not once have I seen someone really go back at him, maybe out of fear , maybe other reasons but that all changes tonight. Immediately after Big Cat & Coach Duggs put a whooping on Colorado myself, William Pigskin III, Michael The Cycle and Max Homa himself are hopping on the sticks in Call Of Duty and giving YOU the oppurtunity to roast his game. Just make a twitch account and join the chat!

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