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Feel Bad About Not Working Out In Quarantine? This Video Will Cheer You Up

Working out is a bitch to do period. We all know this. And now we are supposed to do it at home? When is God gonna give us a break? 

I've seen it all. From lifting with wine bottles to squats with your dog to challenges of 100 pull ups a day. It all looks awful. 

You know what you get when you try to get all fancy working out at home? You get spanked into the ass like this. Now you may be into that or whatever, but I'm not so I'm gonna stick to the push-ups. Just another example of the man who sits on his couch all day may actually be the safest human in the world right now. Who would've thunk it? 

P.s. If you're looking for some at home workouts, Ellie (the girl from the video) has got you covered. Just make sure your bands are set up properly:

I feel like that's the exact rooftop where the infamous Jen Selter ass workout video with Dave & Feits.