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5 Players I Want The Steelers To Draft Tonight

We've been over how the Steelers already received a resounding A+ for their 2020 first round pick in Minkah Fitzpatrick

Now tonight is their turn to get into this year's draft, and here are five names from tonight I'd like to see in Black & Gold. 

5. Josh Jones - Tackle, Houston

Tough to think about Jones dropping even further than he already did. A lot of mocks expected him to go in last night's first round. He obviously didn't, but falling all the way to at least 49 is a pretty long way. Big Al Villanueva struggled down the stretch last season getting beat up pretty badly by someone like Myles Garrett - who in case you don't know - will be around for a while. The Steelers have a very good offensive line, but it's the oldest group in the league. Would love to see Jones be able to be a pick in the second round to get the offensive line younger and more talented at one of the most important positions. 

4. Thad Moss - Tight End, LSU

Steelers love NFL bloodlines (he's Randy's son if you somehow didn't know), power five players, and he's only 21. Check, check, and check for Pittsburgh. People complain about this pick when I've talked about it for some reason. Not enough consistent production before last year is one of them, but he was a real problem on the biggest stages for the 2019 National champions. Yes, the Steeler signed Eric Ebron in free agency, but he has a history of drops and injuries. Same with Vance McDonald on the injury front. Pairing a player like Thad with Big Ben could prove to be lethal.

3. Antoine Winfield Jr. - Safety, Minnesota

Same thing here as with Moss. NFL bloodlines. Power 5. Only 21. He's small at only 5'9, but the dude is a playmaker that's constantly around the ball - had 7 INTs in 2019. He'd have better ball skills than Terrell Edmunds the first day he stepped into the facility. Yes, Pittsburgh has Edmunds and Minkah right now, but depth is needed and the way that Edmunds has played for a first round pick, I wouldn't expect right now for him to be brought back once his rookie deal is up - especially if they can get a guy like Winfield. 

2. JK Dobbins - Running Back, Ohio State

A lot of people reeeeeally want Dobbins before Taylor, and it's honestly a coin-flip for me. I'd be THRILLED if they could land either one of these guys. The Steelers have a history drafting Ohio State. Dobbins is a home run hitter. The dude averaged close to 7 yards per carry last year, and his Michigan game at The Big House damn near got him an invite to New York for the Heisman alone. 

1. Jonathan Taylor - Running Back, Wisconsin

Like I said, it's a flip of the coin between Dobbins and Taylor for me, but I love the three-down back aspect of Taylor. Dude is just a workhorse. He can bust the long run, too. Had a touchdown run of more than 70 yards in his of his three seasons at Wisconsin. Think he'd be a perfect fit in Pittsburgh, and draft expert Matt Miller agrees. 

This list is more of a pipe dream list. I know that. But if our guys could swing one of these dudes I'd be over the moon. Now that means they'll go draft two defensive tackles tonight, but it's ok. 

I trust Colbert and Tomlin.